Care Partnerships Australia

A service for people living with a diagnosis of dementia or cognitive impairment and their carers.
Care Partnerships Australia
Care Partnerships Australia

Care Partnerships Australia

A service for people living with a diagnosis of dementia or cognitive impairment and their carers.

Care Partnership Australia Pty Ltd

Care Partnerships Australia believe that every person should live with dignity as they age. Our aged care services aim to maximise the human rights and choices for people living with dementia and cognitive decline. We deliver aged care services with compassion and integrity.

We offer a private, fee for service aged care consultancy to help you or your loved ones to live well as you age. We offer an in-home consultation that provides information about how to live well with dementia. We create an assessment and care plan, and a communication guide that helps you to speak to and understand your loved one when communication is difficult after a diagnosis of dementia.

Michelle Harris-Alsop, Founder: As an experienced coach, I provide practical knowledge to improve the standard of customer service and lived experience for people living with dementia. My goal is to enable choice and autonomy for all people who seek my support, in both Australia and Singapore.

I support and mentor aged care staff in building care partnerships with people who live with a diagnosis of dementia. I build the capability of aged care teams working in private hospitals as well as residential aged care facilities. I teach medical professionals how to better interact with people living with dementia.

Care Partnerships Australia offers a mentorship partnership with aged care providers, building knowledge about:

  • How to improve communication with a person living with dementia,
  • Including the client in assessments, so they are involved in their care choices,
  • How to maximise well-being for a person living with dementia and their family,
  • Building support in the environment, utilising pictographic signage and assistive technologies,
  • Providing support and coaching with advanced aged care planning,
  • Providing education to the carers so they can understand the lived experience of the person living with a diagnosis of dementia,
  • Building care partnerships with the clients I support, to improve standards of service.


I have been fortunate to know Michelle for the past 16 years. Her standard of professionalism is exceptional. Michelle’s knowledge and practical application of person-centred care practices, and in particular cognitive decline management, is outstanding. Her ability to listen and then relate with empathy to the care recipient and their …

John Frame – Grandton

InteliCare has been working with Michelle to improve our technology for the aged care industry. Her ability to provide the perspective and clinical depth of knowledge from a professional health worker’s standpoint has been invaluable. It enables us to make a leap we could not otherwise achieve.

InteliCare – Jason Waller, Chief Executive Officer

Having known Michelle, over the years, for her drive, passion and skill in supporting people with dementia and their Carers, Perth Care + Companion Company continue to utilise Michelle’s skill in expertise and empathetic approach to support both our clients and staff. Michelle has always very practical and often simple …

Carole & Julie, Directors Perth Care + Companion Company (PCCC)

Michelle is a Registered Nurse- Dementia Consultant at Care Partnerships Australia in Western Australia. She worked within the aged and community care sector since 2003, and her achievements promoting culture change for people living with dementia were recognised as an award finalist in the Western Australian Nursing and Midwifery Awards …

Rosemary – Perth, WA