A service for people living with a diagnosis of dementia or cognitive impairment and their carers.
Care Partnerships Australia

Our Services

Care Partnerships Australia, Dementia Care ConsultantCare Partnerships Australia work with individuals and families, as well as aged care providers and hospitals to provide a variety of care services. Each one of our aged care services is customised to meet the specific care needs and wellness goals of our clients.

In-home Consultation

Our care consultant will meet you at your place of residence and work with you to identify your strengths in mobility and cognition. Through an assessment process, we will develop methods to keep you active and enabled as you age.

Our consultant will make recommendations on how people can communicate with you to enable you to be in control of your care. We will review your nutrition, sleep, symptoms and pain control, and offer advice about daily hygiene should it be required.

We will support you in your home environment, offering ideas to enable you to better organise your home. We will provide information and contacts for local care providers, and maximise your involvement in selecting the right aged care services to suit your needs.


We work with aged care providers and hospitals to improve knowledge and understanding about the needs of people living with dementia. Our approach will assist you to identify dementia care specialists, and help you move staff back to the floor to better deliver person-centred care. ​

We assist aged care providers to build capability through formal training programs with a focus on embedding and promoting person-centred care into the organisational culture. We teach staff how to effectively communicate with people living with dementia or cognitive decline.

Mentorship is effective in bridging the gap between formal training and day-to-day practice. We will help you develop an effective mentorship program and embed this within your aged care teams.

Families who are closely involved in care planning and delivery can greatly improve the overall care outcomes. Our consultant will assist aged care organisations to build strong care partnerships with families.

The mentoring program will be tailored to your specific organisational needs.

Public Speaking

Michelle Harris-Alsop is the Founder and Dementia Consultant at Care Partnerships Australia. She regularly speaks at conferences, public engagements and in the media about dementia and aged care culture in Australia.

Michelle has worked with large not for profit aged and community care providers in Australia and successfully implemented a mentorship program at Western Australia’s largest aged care provider.

Michelle is passionate about changing the culture of dementia care in Australia. She aims to build knowledge to support person-centred dementia care in partnership with clients, families and staff.

Michelle is enthusiastic about the importance of effective leadership to challenge the ‘status quo’ in aged care delivery. Her approach includes reviewing staff training initiatives and residential care living environments.

Building care partnerships with the families of people with dementia is a critical component of person-centred dementia care, something Michelle has decades of first-hand experience with.

In 2017, Michelle was nominated for a Better Practice Award for work with Aged Link. She was acknowledged in the Asia Pacific Awards and has been nominated for the Bethanie Medallion. Michelle has spoken at the World Dementia Congress in Taiwan and the National Dementia Congress in Melbourne raising awareness about the rights of people living with dementia as well as the need for a national approach to the development of dementia care standards.

Michelle has regularly appeared as a subject matter expert on radio, television and print media, including Channel 7 News, Home in WA and the ABC.