A service for people living with a diagnosis of dementia or cognitive impairment and their carers.
Care Partnerships Australia

Our Clients

Care Partnerships Australia, Dementia Care ConsultantFor a person living with a diagnosis of dementia, we provide guidance about dementia and advance care planning. We conduct in-home assessments to provide information for the family carer and medical team. We include a care plan which provides a communication guide to navigate the support available.

For businesses, we offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you transform your care delivery. We offer a mentoring program to assist organisations to training staff in best-practice methods of dementia care. We have successfully implemented large scale organisational change programs in leading Australian aged care providers.

What we offer our clients:

People Living with Dementia
Our aged care services include:

  • Complete an assessment looking at your strengths in mobility and cognition,
  • Develop ideas on how to keep you active and enabled,
  • Make recommendations on how people can communicate with you to enable you to be in control of your care,
  • Review your nutrition, sleep, symptom management and pain control,
  • Advise you about hygiene and incontinence if required,
  • Support you in the home environment with ideas that will enable you to live as independently as possible with the best quality of life,
  • Maximise your involvement in the care you want and your family needs.

Carers and Family
Our aged care services include:

  • Support you to plan for your future as a carer or family member,
  • Discuss the options available to you to get support,
  • Support you in how to communicate effectively with your loved one,
  • Assist you in how to plan-ahead,
  • Assist you to understand the person living with dementia and their needs in a positive way.

Our aged care services include:

  • Review your customers’ feedback and make recommendations on how to be more dementia inclusive in your business,
  • Educate your staff on living well with dementia,
  • Complete audits and assessments of trends – what is working well, what isn’t (yet),
  • Offer recommendations to improve your aged care services for people living with dementia,
  • Work alongside your teams to implement change.